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Learning tools

Concretely, stick joins in the educational field. Used for an initiation into sciences, mathematics, fauna and flora. It allows children, to understand their environment in a playful way. This simple element is the fundamental object which allows to apprehend basic knowledge. Indeed, the child does not repeat the history of mankind when learning ? A wood stick, a bag and extensions compose the dicovery kit. The stick is enhanced and changes. It is a scale, allowing the children to approach the weight notions, a stick of Thales for measuring the height of buildings or trees, or a sundial to be confronted to the notion of time. Otherwise, with the phosphorescent element and the net, leave for adventure is immediate. This concept is an evolutive “work in progress”, adaptable to a large number of fundamental notions.

My study project explores stick and extensions. My interest arouses from the fundamental, primitive and iconic aspects that represent this prime element. Primarily, stick is devoid of all meaning and usual dimension but enriched itself with “extensions”.

To act as a prehistoric man in the 21th century is the thread of my different propositions. The stick is seen under two aspects. The first one as a way to measure : lengths, weights… The second like an element which is equipped with additions, its function evolves, adapts itself to the context.