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School mediation workshop around the sense of smell
Recognize the implications of smell peceptions

Mixing visual didactics and sense of smell, this workshop of mediation invites the participants to qualify the smells smelt “blind test”. Each odorous substance as coffee, cumin, glue, ash, or chocolate…, is exclusively felt through sense of smell. Hidden, these materials bring no indication concerning the other senses. Thus, the smell felt is more objective.

The workshop purpose is not to find the smell contained in the box, but evaluate and qualify this one.

After a general presentation of the olfactive system and the smells, the child is invited to represent the intensity of a smell by positioning a cross on a color shading surface ( dark = intense, clear = light ). Then, he focuses on his own appreciation ( I appreciate, I have no opinion, I do not like, that seems to be dangerous ) and on the dangerousness by colouring in the pictogram corresponding. The last stage associates a texture match ( the sense of touch ) to represent his felt. Sometimes, this last stage is substitued by draw. It called on to their imagination and their associated memory.

After the workshop, a data visualisation which lists children answers. It creates a smell identity card.

Workshop led to l’Oliveraie elementary school, 37 rue de Mundolsheim, 67300 Schiltigheim, France