Odyssée Bâteau

Odyssée Sac Rangement

Odyssée Assemblage

Odyssée Avion

Odyssée Cheval

Odyssée Coque

Odyssée Sac Nounours

Odyssée Chevalier

An adventurous journey
6-10 years old

One of the children’s game particularity is to integrate everyday objects found around him to create a new
fantasy world. Those objects extend children’s playground when they are hijacked : for exemple a mat becomes a ship, the place under his bed turns into a cave… We would save this characteristic and encourage the child to improve it.

ODYSSEY is a wearing game at the same time an armour, a shell, or a pocket depending of the folding. As told earlier, the idea is to extend the game with everyday objects. Do you remember when you use a sheet to build your hut ?

By this way, the child navigate through his history in the different room of his house and accost each place to spread his imagination. He could bring ODYSSEY in each residence where he will stopover. Thereby, he can bring “his world” to take ownership better.

To extend this game, the child may bring stuff he particularly likes. ODYSSEY cans be landmark, be a gateway for children who live with separated parents. By the game, the child tame two different houses in which it’s not easy to find his place.

Collaborative project with Marine Caumont.