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Jean-Prouvé contest / NIU project
Statement of intent

Imagine the school of tomorrow is a society project defined in a changing space. The digital changes our everyday practices and grounds gradualy in our education system. The pedagogies and the learning supports have evolved to digital practices allowing freer postures and simplified uses. Indeed, present-day schooling do not correspond to the public. Children have progressed with digital. Their attention and concentration in classroom are no longer the same. Otherwise, the socio-professional context embodies the collaborative work rewarding exchange and the open-minded attitude. A contrario, school encourage a kind of elitism by focusing the child on his own success (grading system, individual work, …). On this basis, we imagine this space as a platform developing the collaborative interaction.The NIU school is a cooperation place to ensure mutual aid and knowledge sharing.

Design notes

Taking account the characteristics previously seen, we decided to create NIU furniture functioning by pairs. Our willingness is to transmit to the child that “alone, nothing is possible”. The set can not work independently due to its instability. The pupils will have to collaborate between them to use the furniture, to assemble pieces in duet or in a group. As the digital, the space is modulatable, each piece can interact with another.
For exemple, the desk’s teacher may be based on purpil’s furniture, or bookshelf. Together, tables are connected, chairs become benches. As for the chair back it is a real tool. Its usage evolves, becoming support of digital tablet, bookholder, or a seat on the floor.

Designed by Timothée Schulze, Camille Gross, Laurent Gros, Francis Meano & Benjamin Marouane.